The blushing bride will undoubtedly look beautiful in her gown on the day of her wedding, but it is her privilege, as well as her and the groom's pleasure, to enjoy soft and luxurious fabrics on her first night of being a Mrs…

Are you ready for your first night as man and wife?

Are you ready for your first night as man and wife?

And whilst her chosen wedding dress maybe a traditional style and colour, she can buck the more classical and somewhat predictable ivory or cream bridal lingerie by bringing sultry shades of blush into the bedroom, heavily influenced by sexier stronger colours such as fuchsia and mauve.

For the bride who wishes to bare all immediately, she can still add her soft pink tones with blusher on the apples of her cheeks, and shimmery moisturiser on her body. The mouth becomes even more kissable with nude pink lipstick, paired with a confident smile.

For lingerie lovers; blush looks beautiful with lace detail, or in block colour stockings paired with lighter toned French knickers and bra sets. From sheer nighties to glitzy garters and bodysuits to full stockings and suspenders, as long as the underwear is blushing, then the beautiful bride has no reason to be bashful on her wedding night.

Here are 5 top tips for a sensual wedding night to remember:

  1. Don't talk! If you have any level of conversation it is bound to be about the wedding; the stresses, the special moments, the family tension, the first dance, the food, the gifts... and the list goes on. So if you start chatting you'll lose the romance... go in for a kiss, or head to the en-suite of your hotel room and share a steamy shower or sensual bath.
  2. If you are a virgin bride, then it would be advised for you and your new husband to keep alcohol intake to a minimum, this way you can enjoy your first ever night of passion together, without the fuzzy head or bloated feeling.
  3. Keep it simple in the bedroom on your wedding night, after a full-on day of excitement, booze, and food, it is best to save the kinky ideas for the honeymoon; this way neither of you will be pressured to perform, and you won't be setting expectations for your married life either.
  4. Sorry to sound like your mother - but be prepared! Ensure you have contraception covered, unless of course you are planning a family immediately, then go with the flow and the more relaxed you are, the more likely you will conceive straightaway.
  5. Be playful, and remove expectation of what you think sex on your wedding night 'should' be like... just enjoy being next to your hubby.

By J P Martin

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