Written by Emma Kenny, Killing Kittens Sexpert, www.killingkittens.com

Stay at first base for at least twenty minutes

Stay at first base for at least twenty minutes

Foreplay shouldn’t simply be something you do to fill the space pre-intercourse, it’s a whole world of sex play and should be treated with the raunchy respect that it deserves.

Sex talk is a sure-fire way to get those juices flowing and that can begin hours before you even see each other. From flirty texts from your office desk, to some hot and heavy dirty phone calls, phone play can ensure that you’re both ready to rip each other’s clothes off the moment you walk through the front door

Before he leaves for work in the morning, pull him in for a long lingering kiss and push your body into his. Make sure you can feel him getting hard. Rub him over his clothes as you embrace. Then pull away and tell him to make sure he’s a good boy at work because if he is there will be a special treat waiting when he gets home

Fantasy role play can take date night to a whole new level. Instead of just heading to your usual evening hang out, agree to become strangers for the night. Dress in a different way and make sure you have your sexiest lingerie underneath your clothing. When you and your man lock eyes in the bar let the fun begin. Escaping yourself for a few hours and introducing this type of seduction into your life brings a whole new meaning to foreplay

Stay at first base for at least twenty minutes. Kissing has been proven to promote bonding and intimacy and is often a key feature that gets lost the more secure we become in our relationships. Research evidences that couples who engage in French kissing on a regular basis feel happier and less stressed than those who don’t. They also argue less. Start gently by using your tongue to trace around his lips and then gradually become more passionate, kissing and gently biting his neck. After twenty minutes you can both let your hands wander where they like

Erotic massage can be mind-blowing and can make orgasms really intense. Dim the lights, put on some sexy music, and then undress one another until you’re both completely naked. Take some massage oil and initially massage him everywhere but his genitals. After he’s fully aroused and begging for more, apply the oil over his penis and play with him until he’s almost ready to cum. Then hand him the oil and tell him you will finish the job after he has brought you to orgasm

Sex toys are a sure-fire way to achieve an impressive orgasm, but sometimes we forget just how many are out there for guys too. Treat him to a vibrating cock ring, or use your bullet on his testicles whilst giving him oral sex. This type of experimentation makes foreplay far more interesting and means that the end game is less about an orgasm and more about sex play.

Pleasure yourselves in-front of one another. Ok, this may take a little confidence, but I promise you that mutual masturbation is a must. No one knows your body like you do and no man understands what really turns you on until you show them. Staring at one another whilst you play with yourself is intensely stimulating and also means you are both fully in control. This type of Sex play is all about trust and mutual respect and helps to build sexual confidence

Discover each other’s erogenous zones through stroking and kissing different parts of each other’s bodies. Aside from the genital areas, the ears, neck, nipples and lips are sensitive on both males and females. You can also surprise your man by playing with his perineum (the area between the anus and scrotum) which help convey sensations of sexual pleasure from the genitals to the brain

Discuss your fantasies whilst fully clothed. Seriously, how often have you paid attention to the secret fantasies you are both hoarding? It’s completely natural to have them and sharing them is the first step to making them real. Maybe you want to be tied up and blindfolded, maybe he wants you to dominate him. Whatever two consenting and respectful adults desire is completely acceptable, and the fun really begins when you are brave enough to share them

Tell him what you want. Sex is only great when you get what you need from it. If he’s going down on you and completely missing the spot then expect to be perpetually disappointed. This can be avoided by playing ‘ill guide you’. This game is a bit like a treasure hunt. You say the words hot or cold depending on whether he is hitting the spot and when he finds it you let him know just how boiling he’s making you

Put on a show for him. A man loves to watch his woman strip for him. It isn’t just about the visuals, it’s about the feeling that he is the only man in the world that gets to see the woman he desires that way. Whether you get completely naked, or strip to your sexiest underwear, slowly moving your body whilst removing your clothes is the ultimate turn on and will be gratefully received