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Set time aside together

Set time aside together

MIND the bump! If you’ve ever felt like turning down sex when you’re pregnant, you’re certainly not alone. A new survey from reveals four in five mums-to-be only felt like having sex for a few weeks while expecting - and a surprising one in six pregnant couples even abstain from sex altogether for the whole nine months.

Pregnancy is a time of massive change - both physically and emotionally - so it shouldn’t be a surprise that either you or your partner may feel differently about sex during this time. But with impending parenthood, it’s important you pull together emotionally even if you’re not so close sexually. So here are the ten things you can do with your partner during pregnancy when you don’t wat sex.

Talk - This is the simplest but most-needed way to stay connected. If you don’t want sex, reassure your partner they’ve done nothing wrong and that you still love them, or they could risk feeling rejected.

Set aside time together. Go out for dinner, catch a film at the cinema or even just have a coffee together. There’ll be little free time when the baby comes so be spontaneous while you still can.

Foot rubs. Get a deep bowl with warm soapy water. Have a good foot soak and exchange foot rubs with plenty of lotion. There's something sensual and intimate about foot rubs without being sexual.

Bubble bath. Run a warm bubble bath and let your partner join in. It's a great place for intimacy as there are no phones or the TV to distract you both. 

Holding hands and kissing - it's the little things that count. Let your partner know that you still love them and find them attractive.

Massage. Agree in advance it's massage only so your partner knows. Be clear where you're comfortable giving or receiving massage and what the no go areas are. Use plain unscented oils as some aromatherapy oils aren't safe during pregnancy. 

Buy a couples board game. It may sound cheesy but it’s actually a fun way to reconnect.

Reminisce about how you first met and what attracted you to each other. Recapture the love and remember why you’re together.

Let your partner know you’ll be understanding if they need to relieve themselves. Six in ten men report being more attracted to their partners than ever once they are pregnant - so consider their needs too.

Set the boundaries - if you're not up for full-blown penetrative sex have a think about what you are ok with. Oral sex? Mutual masturbation? There are lots of other things you can do to keep the passion alive that don't have to involve good old-fashioned intercourse. 

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