A dating website has found that the sunshine is what puts most women in the mood for sex when they’re sunning it up in a foreign country.

Does sunshine turn you on when you're on holiday?

Does sunshine turn you on when you're on holiday?

MissTravel.com polled it’s UK members and found that for both men and women, sunshine was something that made them want to make love when away.

Nikki Howarth, 26, joined the site when it launched and has been on a variety of holidays since, allowing her to enjoy the sunshine.

She believes that sunshine is a major turn on. She said, “Sunshine makes us all a bit more frisky and makes you want to make love outside.”

Some of the other top aphrodisiacs for women included candlelit baths and freshly laundered bed linen.

Nikki said, “I love the excitement of arriving at a beautiful hotel. Your suite has a huge bed and the sheets are all crisp and white. It's so romantic: you want to make love as soon as you arrive.”

But for Nikki, the biggest turn off has to be the rain. She said, “There is no bigger turn off than incessant rain. You just sit in your hotel room wishing you were at home.

“The miserable weather we have been having for months and months has made me really want to spread my wings and date fresh guys on the site. I want to be going away and getting some sun.”

We seem to have a lot more sex when on holiday than at home. Women admitted to having sex on average five times in a week and men slightly more with six times a week.

The passion flows most at the beginning of the holiday, with most couples having sex twice on the first night. The longer the holiday, the more the love making reduces.

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