A new survey has revealed that women are much noisier in the bedroom than men.

Sex Expert Tracey Cox

Sex Expert Tracey Cox

Britain’s biggest sex toy retailer, Lovehoney.co.uk poled 1,171 people and found that 94 per cent of women admitted that they were the noisier partner during sex.

Seventy per cent of men also confirmed that it was their lover that was noisier when love-making.

Sex expert Tracey Cox says, “I found it interesting women came up as 'noisier'. There's no scientific explanation of why one sex is noisier in bed.

"It tends to be an individual thing. Some people scream the house down at a concert, others watch without making a sound. It doesn't mean they're not enjoying it as much!

"One theory might be that since women fake it more often than men do, perhaps they feel obliged to provide 'evidence' that they're enjoying themselves?

"Either way, we need to steer clear from thinking that the noisier the person is in bed, the more they're enjoying it.

"Being noisy doesn't make you a good lover, though I heartily support any sort of feedback in bed and noise is one way of communicating."

The survey questioned who was the noisiest in bed and how they best achieved orgasm, and shockingly, only 51 per cent of woman orgasm through penetrative sex.

Seventy six per cent orgasm through oral sex and a staggering 95 per cent of woman orgasm regularly when using sex toys.

Sex toys also provided women with the best way to orgasm, with 34 per cent saying that they were the best for making them climax.

Tracey says, “The stand-out stat to me is that 95% of women regularly orgasm using sex toys. Compare this to just 23% of women who say they get their best orgasm through intercourse with their partner.

"Most women find it much easier to orgasm solo rather than with a partner because not only are they more relaxed on their own and not under pressure to perform, they can use the technique which works the best - direct clitoral stimulation.

"Less than a quarter of women have their best sex through penetration because most women need clitoral stimulation and intercourse is woefully ineffective at doing this.

Lovehoney.co.uk have today launched the Sqweel 2, a sex toy that replicates oral stimulation with a rotating wheel covered in soft silicon tongues.

Tracey says, “"Eighty two per cent of women want more oral sex because, running a close second to the vibrator, oral sex is often the most effective and pleasurable ways to make a female orgasm. Tongues are remarkably effective at stimulating the clitoris directly but gently, which is what women need to orgasm."

The Sqweel 2 is available today from Lovehoney.co.uk and can be used by both women and men to achieve great sexual pleasure.

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