Being at a festival is a world away from being in the comfort of your own home. You’re in a tent, have no bed to speak of and you’re surrounded by people tripping over your tent pegs.



So how do you make sex work at a festival? With a little planning and some clever knowhow, that’s how!

The Tent

You’ll need to have quite a roomy tent, none of this one man malarkey. A family size one is good as it has lots of head space and will generally provide you with more space. Vents are a must as well, you don’t want to be zipping down the side and hanging your head out for air every five minutes.

Make sure any vents that you do have are covered in mesh, you don’t want any passers by getting a good look in! Try to get a tent with two exists, this stops you having to clamber over each other when going to the toilet or making a speedy escape.

The Sleeping Bag

If you’re not blessed with super hot weather then sex in a sleeping bag is basically essential. You can get double sleeping bags, which fit two people – ideal for sex! They can be split so you don’t get two sweaty once the action is over.

It’s best to get a non-slip sleeping bag so that you’re not sliding all over the place when getting down to it but if you can’t get hold of one then take a yoga mat, which are specially designed to be non-slip! Take a blow up pillow too, it beats the hell out of a rolled up bunch of clothes.

The Hygiene

Festivals are notoriously bad for hygiene but it’s important that you keep clean, not only for the sake of the noses around you, but also for your health. If you or your partner isn’t keeping everything clean, especially down there, then you can end up picking up infections.

Hand sanitizer is a must and remember to take some antiperspirant wipes to keep yourself clean all over. You can get portable showers, but they need sun to heat the water, so these most likely won’t be ideal for any British festivals this summer!

Keep your mouth healthy too. No one likes morning breath and it’s intensified at festivals from the dehydration, spicy food and alcohol. Chew gum regularly and clean your teeth before you go to bed and once you wake up. If you have trouble remembering then you can disposable toothbrushes that have the paste already inside them and you don’t need to rinse!

The Sex

Spooning and Missionary are the positions to go for when having tent sex. Spooning is manageable in every tent, whatever shape and size and is a great position because he can stimulate your clit and breasts at the same time. For extra oomph, take a vibrating cock ring – this should make it easy for you to reach the big O.

Missionary is good for tent sex and it’s easy, but it doesn’t always get you to orgasm so take the pillow mentioned before and put it under your bum. This will thrust your pelvis up closer towards your man’s making it easier to orgasm. Remember to take lots of lube so you don’t end up with unnecessary chaffing.

Remember to always use condoms to stop the spread of STIs and to prevent unwanted pregnancies!

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