The UK average clothes size for women is a size 16, and for the larger lady, some sex positions can be quite a challenge, or simply boring, so we’ve compiled the top five sex positions for larger ladies!

You don't have to make any sacrifices if you're curvy!

You don't have to make any sacrifices if you're curvy!

To help us, we’ve drafted in the professional help of Annabelle Knight, TV presenter and sex expert with Lovehoney, Britain's biggest online seller of sex toys.


Some think that the missionary can be quite boring, but Annabelle disagrees and says it’s great for larger women.

She says, “It sounds obvious but for a lot of bigger girls it can be a bit tricky. If this is the case then you can easily adapt the position to suit you, just pop a pillow or two under your bum.

“This will provide plenty of support and raise your pelvis increasing the chances of you getting some seriously good G Spot action! Then simply raise your knees up to your chest, with your feet either side of your partner.

“For some added wow factor plant them on his chest, he'll love the feeling of you trying to resist.”

Doggie Style

“Awful name, great position!”, says Annabelle, who insists that this position is great for those women who are a little conscious about their figure.

She says, “This is great for him and even better for her, especially if you can get a bit belly conscious.

“Kneel on all fours while he enters you from behind, then either bring yourself upwards so he can feel all over your body or lean forward and lower your chest so your shoulders are below your waist, similar to a stretching cat.

“Your body will be elongated, making you feel really sexy and he will adore seeing you stretched out before him.”

Girl On Top

This position often leaves bigger women feeling quite uncomfortable, but Annabelle suggests adapting the position to suit you.

She says, “There's one simple trick to tackle this which will have you looking and feeling amazing, lean back!”

“Grab onto his ankles for a bit of added support and tilt your body backwards. This position makes your boobs look incredible and really shows off your body.”

Stand and Deliver

This is a really versatile position and can often lead to the most intense orgasms as you’ll be standing.

Annabelle says, “Stand on your tip toes and use a piece of furniture to lean against. The beauty of this position is that you can face your partner or turn away from them.

“A well-positioned mirror can add a bit of extra sparkle to this one or if you don't fancy that why not slip on a pair of heels; this will give you killer legs and make you feel like a goddess!”

Side Winder

This is one of the harder positions, but is definitely worth the extra effort. Your man will put the work, leaving you to enjoy the experience.

Annabelle says, “Start off on your side, if you want you can use some pillows for extra comfort and support, keeping one leg in line with your body raise the other one in the air and as he enters you pop it on your partners shoulder.

“This is great for him as he'll feel totally in control, since this is the case I think it's totally acceptable for you to let him do all the work! Leaving you plenty of time to lie back, relax and enjoy the show, this one really is a win/win all round.”

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  1. by Eddie Jay 13th Jul 2012 20:03

    I know the larger lady is not for everyone but I love the larger lady :-)
    my favourite is good old fashioned missionary.

  2. by mmcL 16th Jul 2012 07:18

    side winder aka spooning is best position.

  3. by vuyo maqondose 20th May 2015 07:23

    How do I overcome my fear of having sex in day time ?

  4. by chrissy 15th Oct 2015 08:37

    I'm afraid to be on top n hurt him

  5. by jonsol 27th Apr 2016 02:51

    love you self you sexy you need to find a real man

  6. by jonsol 27th Apr 2016 02:53

    Have a real man love you for you