A loss of intimacy in a marriage can often lead to one of the partners going elsewhere for sex, resulting in the end of the marriage but IllicitEncounters.com has found that in some cases in can improve a marriage.

'Sex is a very important aspect of relationships'

'Sex is a very important aspect of relationships'

The marital affairs website found that 67 per cent of its members said that they are having a lot more sex with their partner since joining the site, therefore improving their marriage.

Spokesperson for the website, Rosie Freeman-Jones, said, “At Illicit Encounters we provide a network of like-minded people who are looking for someone who will provide for their needs where their partner is not. Members aren’t looking to leave their partner: they’re looking for a way to stay with them.”

They also found that many married couples are unhappy with their sex lives. They found that only 30 per cent of married women and 50 per cent of married men are content with their sex lives.

In comparison, 88 per cent of women and 86 per cent of men using IlliticitEncounters.com are very pleased with their sex lives.

Members of the site have said that had they not joined the site, their marriages would probably have been over a long time ago and that the site has saved their marriage.

A massive 86 per cent of the members said that if they were not using the site then they would be sexually unsatisfied in their relationships.

The research found that those who used the site are getting more sex than the average married person.

It was found that 39 per cent of the websites users have sex a few times a week whereas only 28 per cent of married couples have sex a few times a week.

Rosie said, “Sex is a very important aspect of relationships and shouldn’t be overlooked. When those in relationships aren’t satisfied with what they’re getting at home they tend to look elsewhere. If 70% of married men are not satisfied with the amount of sex they're having with their spouse it's likely that many of these will consider infidelity.

“With affairs it's not just the regularity of sex that is improved, it's often the quality also. Many members have expressed huge joy in that they feel comfortable to ask their lover sexual requests and for their fantasies to be fulfilled, things they feel they could never ask their spouse. I believe it's the sexual confidence which our members experience that keeps them so sexually satisfied.”

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