Keeping sex interesting can be difficult for some couples, so it seems they are turning to role play to turn up the heat.

Sex on Female First

Sex on Female First

The majority of Brits will turn to role play when their sex life needs spicing up, and dressing up in uniform was the most common form of role play.

Other role play included acting out everyday scenarios that they found to be erotic as well as impersonating a celebrity.

However, there were a quarter of Brits who admitted that there were fantasies that they didn’t want to share, with 91 per cent saying they were too embarrassing.

A very close second to role play was the use of sex toys to boost bedroom activity.

A third of British couples admitted that they used sex toys to improve their sex lives, and a further 28 per cent said they liked to indulge in exhibitionism.

Oddly, a quarter of people said that they will take sex breaks in order to boost their sex lives, saying that it improved the quality of sex once the break was over.

Incredibly, a fifth of people said that they would indulge in an open relationship or have a threesome to boost their sex life.

Thankfully, 72 per cent of people who employed certain methods to improve their sex life, found that they worked.

Sarah Bailey of, who conducted the survey, said, “We’re always interested to see how Britons tackle bedroom problems when avoiding the medical route, and with this study we really just wanted to see how Britons approach their sex life simply needing a bit of a boost.

“Most couples in the UK will have gone through a time where they felt that their sex life wasn’t as passionate as perhaps they’d like, and employing methods such as role play can really help to spice things up and get them back on track.

“It seems that role playing is potentially more popular than some may think in bedrooms around the UK, with donning your partner’s favourite style of uniform topping the charts.

“Whatever method you employ, as long as both yourself and your partner are comfortable with it, that’s all that matters. As for which celebrities are most commonly impersonated in the bedroom; our bets would have to be on George Clooney and Kelly Brook!”

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