The sex is taking too long- You're dying to open that Facebook post, read another chapter of your book or watch a funny cat video on You Tube so you fake it in order to get back to what you were doing before your partner pounced. Sometimes your priorities are on other things- you're not going to lie.

Sound familiar?

Sound familiar?

The sex is boring- You've got into that rut of only doing the same four things you always do and you can't be bothered to go along with it tonight so you hurry things up and let them think they're rocking your world. You wonder when's an appropriate time to tell them that you need a change.

You're not in the mood- You're a bit bloated from your carby evening meal, you feel fat and have no energy- at least for nothing other than the 17th episode of Grey's Anatomy and to lift your hand to your face to feed yourself dessert. You want to be horizontal- yes- but you also need viewing room and sadly your partner is blocking it.

You're too tired- You've had a bad day at work and all you want to do is get an early night- but sadly your partner's interpretation of this is not what you had in mind. He wants to do it doggy style but you would much rather do it kitty style- aka- curl up in a ball and sleep.

You've drunk too much- Sex seems like such a good idea when you've had a few, but when you get down to it- you realise that you need to stay as still as possible to stop the room from spinning and prevent any projective vomiting incidents so you try to wrap it up ASAP.

You struggle to climax through intercourse- You're one of those women who just can't get herself off when your partner is inside you- so you nudge things along in the hope that he will pay some close attention to you afterwards.

Stress- When you feel the pressure of stress at work- sometimes an anger bang will do it- but other times you want to shout and scream- in which case you fake it so you can vent to your partner post-coitus. If the stress is caused by your partner- at least you can tell yourself you're still having sex between arguments- that's something.

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