A sexual wellness company is challenging the nation to turn the ‘Blue’ in Blue Monday on its head, by taking to our beds for a little self-care. The company, www.senttothrill.com, carried out a survey with 1000 men and women to find out their preferred antidote to the third Monday in January.

Blue Monday on Female First

Blue Monday on Female First

It seems, according to the research, that our number one choice as a nation to cheer us up when we feel down is a funny film (29%) this is followed by a walk (28%) and a bar of chocolate (26%). In fourth place (24%) was sex/an orgasm – so what are you waiting for?

Here are five excuses to prove the last one right, just in case you need them…

It’s cold outside!

What better excuse could there be for heading back to bed with your partner as soon as you get in from work? You’ll warm up in no time.

I’m feeling blue

Sex gives you an endorphin rush with no calories and at no cost! Negative thoughts be gone! 

We need couples’ therapy

Sex is a physical and emotional act that unites two people. The expression within the act is good for relationships and the release is good for physical well-being. Win-win!

I want to live longer!

Research suggests that the mortality risk is higher in those with lower ‘orgasmic frequency’ in other words, the more you do it the longer you are likely to live!

I’m feeling stressed

Experiencing an orgasm relieves tension as oxytocin, stimulating feelings of warmth and relaxation so any feelings of stress about this day will simply disappear.

The original Blue Monday formula, devised in 2005, was calculated using a series of factors in a mathematical formula including: the weather, debt level (amount owed versus ability to pay), the amount of time since Christmas, time since failing our new year's resolutions, low motivational levels and the feeling of a need to take charge of the situation.

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