Sex always seems to look so effortless in the movies, the couple meet at a bar and fall into bed with each other, looking pristine after having put little to no effort in.

Sex on Female First

Sex on Female First

In real life, we know that this isn’t the case. It takes a lot to groom ourselves for sex, from waxing and shaving, to new bed sheets and lingerie.

Although, perhaps surprisingly, men are the ones that are likely to spend more on pre-sex grooming. took a look at the economics of dating and found that men will spend, on average, £46.79 on pre-sex grooming.

In comparison, women said they would spend a little less and, on average, will pay £41.79 to get them looking their best for sex.

Things such as hair removal creams, waxing strips, new bed linen and lingerie were top of the list for pre-sex grooming essentials.

So why do we put ourselves through this? Well, 55 per cent of the 2,000 people interviewed said that they feel pressure from society to look good naked. relationship expert Dr Pam Spurr says, “It’s fascinating that men are spending more on pre-date preparation than women, but I do hear from many man that they feel the pressure to impress their dates.”

So how does a man impress his date? Well, 28 per cent of men said that new underwear is the most important thing, followed by grooming their pubic hair and buying new bed linen.

Funnily enough, what seems to be the most important to men is the least important to women!

Women put a man having ugly underwear at the bottom of the turn offs list, rating the biggest turn off as a man having dirty sheets.

Women believe that the most important thing for them to do is to wax their legs, followed by buying new lingerie and having a bikini wax.

Women seemed to forget about what the men rated as the number one turn off – a hair upper lip! This didn’t rate in the top 6 pre-sex grooming rituals for women but was the number one turn off for men.

Luckily, there is a silver lining to all of this. Both men and women listed the biggest turn on to be a person’s personality, followed by their self-confidence – hurrah!

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