The results of a recent survey conducted by Victoria Milan, the specialist dating platform for married and attached people seeking extramarital affairs, showed that when it comes to sexual fantasies, hopping between the sheets with a same-sex friend almost tops the list.

Sigurd Vedal is the CEO of Victoria Milan

Sigurd Vedal is the CEO of Victoria Milan

Out of more than 1,300 men and women polled globally, a whopping 87% of married men admit to having sexual fantasies about their male friends… BUT the vast majority of these men say they have never felt attracted to them in any way (yeah, right!). 55% of female respondents, however, say that they have never fantasised about sex with their girlfriends BUT they have felt attracted to them.

So, in a nutshell, a huge proportion of men fantasise about sex with their buds but say there’s no attraction there; while less women fantasise about sex with their girlfriends but do admit to an attraction (and are more likely to act on this attraction). Interesting, right?

“According to this Victoria Milan survey, we see how married men fantasise way more than women about their best mates. Female participants, however, reveal how willing they are to experience new things and most of them are open to share a sexual encounter with their girlfriends,” says CEO and founder of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal.

Taking the notion of ‘bromance’ to new levels, this survey reveals that many men fantasise sexually about their male friends - but how open are these men to acting out these fantasies? According to Sigurd Vedal: “Heterosexual men are always less willing to openly admit they have sexual fantasies about other men, in this case a best friend,” explains Vedal. “But the percentages are pretty clear: 87% of them have fantasised about sex with a male friend. In fact, many of men seeking an affair on become members to find other men to experiment with.”

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