You are satisfied EVERY time- Freshly cooked pancakes drizzled with chocolate sauce hit the spot with every mouthful- can the same be said for a guy? Nope.

Sex on Female First

Sex on Female First

You don't have to take your clothes off- You can slum it in your most comfortable pair of pjs or a onesie while eating them- you don't have to bring out the uncomfortable lingerie or get all cold and naked.

You don't have to wait to go back for more- If you are in the mood for another round you don't have to hold back- you can dive right in.

They taste better than his manhood- Even with a flavoured lube- they still have the edge. Just.

They don't make you gag- They slip down easily and don't give you the urge to choke mid-munch.

Eating pancakes is always the right decision- Sex doesn't always leave you feeling like you've made the right choice.

Your money is well spent- The money you spend on pancakes is never regretful- unlike the condoms that numbed his penis, the lube that was too sticky or the lingerie that was on for all of 2 minutes.

Pancakes leave you feeling full- Sex can sometimes leave you feeling cold and empty.

It's cleaner- If you're a good aim- chances are you won't get a sticky front or mouth- sex on the other hand is a messy business.

The effort is minimal- Sex takes up a lot of energy- with pancakes you can take your time and you won't be disappointed. The only person you need to satisfy is yourself.