Frequent masturbation could potentially be good for your health. Research has found that, in men, masturbation to orgasm is associated with enhanced immune system functioning. Female masturbation helps prevent cervical infections and relieves urinary tract infections. Men start masturbating earlier and tend to do it more frequently than women. Here Lovehoney sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight looks at 8 key differences between male and female masturbation.

Women are far more likely to use sex toys during masturbation

Women are far more likely to use sex toys during masturbation

Just like a man's penis has sensitive skin, called glans, beneath his foreskin, a woman has aclitoris. Females masturbate most frequently by rubbing the clitoris. Females do not release anything when they reach an orgasm, but they do get very wet and a white liquid is discharged in very small quantities. Very few females squirt i.e release such white liquid with force just like when a man ejaculates but this is a rare phenomenon.

No two people are the same but it generally takes longer for women to climax through masturbation than men. Women have a much better chance of having a multiple orgasm through masturbation than men.

Women’s orgasms tend to last 25% longer than men after masturbation. A survey by the online sex toy retailer Lovehoney found that the female orgasm typically last 10.9 seconds while his climax is two seconds shorter at 8.7 seconds. The figures were based on a survey of 1,000 people.  

We all have multiple erogenous zones which can be caressed/aroused during masturbation. For women, this will be neck, nipples, breasts, feet, stroking of the forearms, of course the clitoris and pelvic area, skin on the belly, and the vagina itself. For men, all the above is also often arousing (minus the vagina, of course!) but the focus tends to be on the penis.

A study in Sweden found that boys start masturbating earlier than girls (12.5 years against 13.7 years for girls). Nearly all boys (98.95) and most girls (85.5%) had masturbated by early adolescence.

Women are far more likely to use sex toys during masturbation, though sales of male masturbation devices such as strokers have grown substantially in recent years as more men experiment with pleasure products.

73% of women have used porn to masturbate compared to 98% of men.

Research has found that higher levels of testosterone are linked to having more desire for masturbation, but only among women; among men, testosterone levels are unrelated to masturbatory desire. This suggests that the factors triggering interest in masturbation may be different for men and women.

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