According to Victoria Milan, underwear is just as important to women as it seems to be to men. A study asked what women prefer to see when their man- husband or lover- drops his trousers.

Boxers are the best (apparently)

Boxers are the best (apparently)

Three out of four women said that the underwear a man chooses is important. Only half of women are examining their husband's underpants while 94% have a keen interest in their lover's undergarments. So it would seem that the importance swings more towards the person they're being unfaithful with.

Cheating women are in agreement that boxers are the sexiest type of underwear on men. However, there is not a lot of love out there for long underwear and thongs are a terrible choice.

So what is so unappealing about their spouses underwear? Many women report that their husbands underwear is dirty, old and faded and 65% of women are offend by their rags they choose to cover their manhood with.

At the other end of the spectrum, women are bothered by newer looking pants with tacky designs, garish colours and underwear clearly purchased by their partner's mum last Christmastime. Some even said that their husband never buys new underwear and let's face it- it's not sexy having to buy everyday underwear for your partner.

The rule is- if women think their underwear is something their grandfather would choose- it's a deal breaker. Also, FYI, leopard print is a libido killer, superhero designs are sad and cartoons are simply not for coitus. Just NO.

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said that underwear was a small thing that seemed to mean so much.

"A man's choice in underwear says a lot about him to a woman - and can be a dealmaker or a deal breaker. Men probably don't realise that his choice of underwear will greatly influence whether a women will take him as her lover or not," Mr Vedal said .

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