It’s time to put down the burger and fries! It turns out your waistline isn’t the only thing affected by a bad diet. If you’ve just eaten a meal full of greasy foods, the last thing on your mind is probably sex, am I right? This is more than likely because you’re feeling full and sluggish. However, the trans-fats found in most fried foods have also been found to cause a drop in our sex drive. 

You don’t need to start reserving tables at fancy restaurants to get aphrodisiacs into your diet

You don’t need to start reserving tables at fancy restaurants to get aphrodisiacs into your diet

70% of women claim low libido affects their relationship as the lack of sexual desire causes tension with their partners. Of course, this isn’t saying you should completely remove fast food from your diet, because what else would you grab after falling out of a club at 3am? However, cutting down could really improve your sex life, which is a pretty great incentive to eat healthy.

There is a whole array of foods that have been found to encourage you into the bedroom. Sex and relationships expert Tami Rose, explains you don’t need to start reserving tables at fancy restaurants to get aphrodisiacs into your diet. There are many everyday foods you can integrate into your diet that will ramp up your romping. She gives a list of foods that will get you going and those that will dampen your mood:


Avocados - Millennials rejoice! The trendy fruit is packed with minerals and monounsaturated fats (the good kind) to boost your libido and energy levels. So not only will you be wanting sex, you’ll have the energy to last the whole night.

Dark chocolate – This just keeps getting better! Now you won’t feel so guilty finishing off that wedge of choccy cake. Dark chocolate in particular increases serotonin and dopamine which make us happy and put us in the mood.

Watermelon – Great news seeing as summer is finally approaching. If you’re in need of a sweet treat, watermelon should be your go to option. Although it’s 92% water, the other 8% is packed full of bedroom boosting nutrients that is vital for your sexual health.

Potatoes – Baked, mashed or roasted, the versatile veg is high in potassium that will get you experimenting with variety in the bedroom too. Remember – this isn’t an excuse to sneak those chips back onto your plate!

Red Wine –Whether it’s for calming those date night nerves or helping you wind down after a long day, the antioxidants in vino can heighten sexual desire.


Processed baked goods – *Do’h* It turns out those pit stops at Gregg’s aren’t all that good for us? Shock. The yum yums and cakes we’re having for a quick fix of sugar may raise our short-term energy levels but raised blood sugar levels has been found to lower our libido.

BerriesAlthough they have great nutritional value that is good for your sexual health, the berries themselves are not the culprits here. Produce with an edible skin tends to have higher levels of oestrogen-mimicking pesticides. Always wash them thoroughly before eating to avoid that low libido.

Cheese – A cheese board might be a great way to end a nice dinner but it’s not the best way to end your night if you’re looking for some action in the bedroom. Cow’s milk is full of synthetic hormones which disrupt your body’s natural production of oestrogen and testosterone.

For further help and advice on boosting your sex drive, check out Tami Rose’s website:

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