Lots of couples want to explore new ways to excite their partner and stimulate each other's senses to their full potential during foreplay, but when you've already exhausted the tools Mother Nature gave you, it can be difficult to know what to move on to next.

Feather ticklers are the perfect balance between invitingly soft and excitingly new

Feather ticklers are the perfect balance between invitingly soft and excitingly new

Experimenting with sensory play such as erotic massage, temperature play and light spanking is a great way to instantly turn up the heat on your pleasure. If you're brand new to this kind of play, you might like to start with something a little less intimidating, like a feather tickler.

Unlike other types of sensory exploration which can require a certain level of skill or confidence, feather ticklers are the perfect balance between invitingly soft and excitingly new, whilst still being wonderfully easy to use.

What is a feather tickler?

A feather tickler is a device used for gentle sensory titillation. Although often classified as a bondage toy, you don't need to be into BDSM to enjoy a little tickle-play. Lots of couples love using feather ticklers in the bedroom because they're non-intimidating, easy to use and feel amazing.

A feather tickler usually consists of one or more soft feathers which are held together at the top of a slim stem. The purpose of a feather tickler is to stimulate the senses and awaken those all-important nerve endings for a more satisfying, full-bodied sexual experience. A light touch is all that's required to draw blood to the surface of the skin and heighten sensitivity and pleasure.

A feather tickler is wonderfully versatile and fits in perfectly with romantic love-making, as well as more adventurous sensory exploration.

How to Use a Feather Tickler

Holding onto the stem, allow the soft tip of the tickler to gently caress your lover's skin all over. They'll experience head-to-toe body tingles and be left with extra-sensitive skin for subsequent play. Experiment with different types of contact, using a combination of barely-there touches and prolonged strokes to vary play, paying attention to how they react to each caress. You'll quickly get to know how and where they like it. Feather ticklers make a great addition to any toy box, but are particularly popular with couples wanting to try something new in the bedroom, but who don't fancy insertable toys or restraints.

Set the mood...

Although a feather tickler feels awesome on its own, there are a few ways you can enhance the experience even further. Why not try introducing a blindfold like a satin eye mask to your exploration? Lots of people find that by limiting one sense, their others become dramatically heightened. With a blindfold involved, each stroke feels even more thrilling, taking your lover to new levels of euphoria.

Many couples also add some light restraint to feather tickler play, but this is by no means required (as long as you don't mind your plaything wriggling around a bit!)

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