Written by Mary Morrison

A man shouldn’t tell a woman she’s dry, if he hasn’t tried to get her wet.

A man shouldn’t tell a woman she’s dry, if he hasn’t tried to get her wet.

Go ahead. Get in. It has seven speeds. Imagine preparing to drive a car—after settling into the driver’s seat—you have no idea where the ignition, brake, accelerator, rearview mirror, steering wheel, gear stick, and horn are located. You learn the basics on how to operate the vehicle, but you never check the oil, antifreeze, or gas levels. Miraculously, each time you travel, you arrive at your destination. When the car fails to perform, you abandon it and consider other options.

Did you know females have seven secretion points, and men have one? What if men and women mastered the functions of the Bartholin’s and Skene’s glands, vagina, urethra, and clitoris. Just as with studying to operate an automobile, knowledge of the vulva builds confidence in performance.

Heterosexual women—married and single—are least likely to climax due to the fact that not enough women explore their body, and prior to intimacy, few men ask women the question, “Have you ever had an orgasm?”

A man shouldn’t tell a woman she’s dry, if he hasn’t tried to get her wet. When she’s really turned on, the Bartholin’s glands secret lubrication to support entry of the male member. This dynamic duo is located at the base of the vagina between the labia minora.

Penetration should never be the first attempt at arousal. If a guy gently strokes the nape of her neck, lightly kisses her ear, gazes into her eyes, wiggles the tip of his tongue between her fingers, he may discover one of her hot spots.

Ladies, here’s a secret to increase your libido. Start squinting your eyes, pause, hold, now relax your eyes. Each time you almost squint, you bring awareness to your secretion points. Once you understand the nerves in your eyes are directly connected to the vulva, feel free to sneak in a squint whenever you’d like.

The Skene’s glands are closely situated on opposite sides of the urethra. This fabulous trio, at times, work in unison. Here’s another secret to heighten the sexual experience. Place a pillow underneath her hips. Almost everything that is lovingly done with the hips tilted upward will feel better than when she’s flat on her back. A man can Insert a manicured finger into the vagina and do a come-hither motion. A woman can use a G-spot stimulator to perform the come-hither on herself.

Now that you’ve jumpstarted the Bartholin’s, engaged the Skene’s and the urethra, let’s take a tour inside the vagina. Imagine a clock, your pointing and middle fingers start at three o’clock. Massage passionately. Slide your fingers down toward the Bartholin’s glands. Continue strumming. Don’t pull your fingers out. Now it’s time for the nine o’clock position. Take your time. Glide to twelve, tease her with the come-hither but this time walk your fingertips along opposite sides of the G-spot while tapping (or pressing) on her clitoris with your thumb. Reverse the motion counterclockwise back to nine, six, three, until you’re back at twelve.

It’s time to pleasure the pearl. With 6,000 to 8,000 nerve endings, the clitoris is easily the most excitable secretion point. The clitoris is to the vulva as an engine is to a car. More women climax from stimulation of the clitoris, not from penetration. Where is this magical love button? It’s hidden under a layer of flesh at the edge of the female shaft. The secret is, no matter what you do, be gentle.

Now that you better understand the female’s seven secretion points—whether alone or with someone—you can help increase the number of women experiencing orgasms.