Premature ejaculation (PE) or erectile dysfunction (ED) can never be easy topics to talk about with your guy, but to be on the same wavelength in terms of sexual satisfaction then it's something worth looking at.

Keep having fun!

Keep having fun!

Thankfully, to make things a little less awkward, Lloyds Pharmacy and their Online Doctor service have created an infographic that looks at some of the reasons behind PE or ED and some of the handy tips and techniques that can help the situation.

A recent study conducted amongst 500 couples found that the average time for ejaculation was 5.5 minutes and if this satisfies you and your partner then you have nothing to worry about - keep having fun! However, if your time together is lasting a bit quicker than you both might like to then keep reading on.

According to Dr Tom Brett, Medical Director for the LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor service, there can be a number of different reasons for PE and ED:

"Erectile dysfunction can be a complex problem, and its causes can vary considerably from person to person. Sometimes the cause may be purely physical, and sometimes purely psychological, but most often it is a combination of the two."

Diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure can be some of the physical causes whilst the use of prescription drugs, such as those used for heart conditions and depression, can also have a knock-on effect. However, there is no need to give up on hope as there are solutions that help to improve the situation.

There are a number of different options out there that can help you and your partner get things back on track. It is important to remain supportive - put yourself in your partner's shoes. It can be quite an embarrassing situation and according to Dr Caroline Pilot "the biggest cause of ED in young men is anxiety" so providing non-judgemental support will definitely go a long way in helping.

Switching up positions and trying new and different activities can not only help to keep things exciting and spice up your sex life but they can also help sex last longer. Using a slow, measured technique on top of your partner can help to reduce stimulation of the penis tip and shifting the focus on to your enjoyment can help take the pressure off him.

If psychological and behaviour techniques don't seem to help the situation then there are certainly some medical treatments available on the market that can be effective. Using anaesthetic condoms for anyone suffering with PE can help to numb the penis tip and delay an ejaculation. For guys suffering with ED, there are a number of prescription treatments available including Viagra, which help to maintain an erection by increasing blood flow to the penis. Counselling can also help identify problems and be able to help treat issues causing problems in bed.

Be sure to have that talk, no matter how awkward or embarrassing it may feel, so that you can both be open and honest with each other and look at ways to help gain the sexual satisfaction you both deserve.

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