Sex toys can seem like one of the most intimidating things when it comes to bedroom activities with your partner, especially because in the past they have been a taboo subject for many. There are however, a number of positive reasons to take the leap of faith and give it a try- you never know what could happen! Tami Rose, an experienced sexpert who runs an online adult boutique, is discussing some of the reasons you should consider introducing sex toys into the bedroom.

They benefit you and your partner

They benefit you and your partner

Spice up your (sex) life.

Over a third of women say that they can’t orgasm from penetration alone, which suggests there is the need for an alternative. A sex toy adds a different dynamic and a sense of adventure! It can be a daunting thought, so Tami suggests easing in to it with a toy such as the Velvet Touch vibrator from romantic, as it is great for a first introduction.

Greater satisfaction.

Many people report a greater level of sexual satisfaction in the bedroom with the addition of sex toys. Trying something new with a successful outcome can bring you closer together and encourage you to improve other aspects of your relationship, such as communication and trust.

Benefits you and your partner.

There’s a changing attitude to sex toys, where once men often thought the want to experiment with a sex toy is in response to bad performance, it is clear this now isn’t the case. Many are embracing the idea as it can also benefit them too, adding a different dynamic to your sexual relationship.

Sex isn’t all about penetration.

Penetration is not the only aspect of sex that both parties can enjoy- toys can be used to spice things up, allowing you both to experience new sensations. Trying new positions and toys that are out of your comfort zone can help you discover different aspects of your sexual relationship.

Makes you more likely to experiment further.

The thought of bringing a sex toy into the bedroom may have initially filled you with worry. After a while if it’s something the two of you have come to enjoy, it could be just the beginning- the experience might encourage you to experiment further, allowing you to fill more fulfilled in your sexual relationship.

Enhances communication.

Having frank and open conversations about your sexual relationship is great for building trust and feeling more connected to your partner. It opens different lines of communication, allowing you to have frank conversations about things you want to try in the bedroom but haven’t had the confidence to share before.

Great for solo sex.

Sex toys can be a great way to experiment on your own and a sure-fire way to find out what you like. Report back to your partner and they can put it into practice! Are you in a long-distance relationship? Again, it can help you experiment alone with the absence of your partner.

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