Ditch the heels- When a woman reaches orgasm- her pelvis arches in a particular way and some heels can cause your pelvis to arch in an unnatural manner lessening orgasm intensity. Flats are your friend.

Drink water!

Drink water!

Drink Water- Sex is exercise after all and you wouldn't do any other sort of exercise without a drink would you? The more you drink the more lubricated your body is.

Avoid the booze- The opposite of water- it dries your body out causing your vagina to dry up or erectile dysfunction.

Wear socks- In a study where men and women were trying to give each other an orgasm- some complained of being cold. When they popped some socks on the achieved more orgasms than those who didn't.

Positive Reinforcement- Women who feel comfortable with the look of their vagina are likely to have more orgasms- so guys- tell her it's the best one you've ever seen!

Mix things up- Women are more likely to achieve orgasm if they engage in different sex acts- so think outside the box when it comes to your sex life.

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