Today is National Green Juice Day so we take a look at the green veggies that can give your sex life a well needed lift.

Are you putting the right things i your green juice?

Are you putting the right things i your green juice?

Asparagus- Has lots of B vitamin and folate in it which produces histamine- this is a libido heightening vitamin in both men and women- so the feeling will be mutual.

Kale- Known in the green juice circles as the 'ultimate sex mineral' as it's high in zinc and gives your libido a kick.

Pistachios- Have a rich source of the amino acid arginine, which increases blood flow by activating the nitric oxide in the body- for better blood flow to all those sexual organs.

Cucumber- This vegetable contains lots of water and you need to be hydrated when physically exerting yourself. If you're hydrated you will have increased stamina and endurance- which a key to a good sex session.

Spinach- This leafy green vegetable is packed with vitamin b6 and folic acid- such vitamins are important for the production of sex hormones and it is full of zinc which can boost your levels of passion.

Avocados- These contain high levels of folic acid which helps to increase your sex drive and gives you energy for what's ahead.

Celery- Celery has a hormone in it called 'Androsterone' which is known to stimulate your sex drive.

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