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A feather duster that can be used on her willing participants body

A feather duster that can be used on her willing participants body

The French maid has been a stalwart of sexual fantasies for eons and it won’t be disappearing anytime soon, but why has this fantasy stood the test of time and more importantly what makes it so damn attractive?

Firstly, this is a traditionally male fantasy and most probably stems from the 19th century, where it was normal for affluent families to have staff in service and living in the homes of their wealthy employer. The close proximity of these often-young women who were present and yet out of bounds, potentially, sparked the fantasies that many men have today.

Many people are turned on sexually by the idea of power, and when clearly defined power roles exist such as maid and Master, the idea of ‘extras’ come into play. Having the opportunity to tell a woman exactly what she is expected to do is a huge turn on.

Men love to see the women they desire in costumes that depict certain roles. When dressed as a French Maid with frilly knickers, bulging breasts and monochrome detail, a permission base is also granted that allows the man a sense of authority. This enables a sense of confidence that takes sex play to a whole new level. Whilst this type of encounter involves only light submission on the woman’s part, it is enough to encourage the man to adopt a sterner and more controlled encounter, which can be exciting for both parties. As opposed to harsher domination fantasies, the French maid still has an amount of power, her stereotype is one of saucy playfulness and she is often depicted with a feather duster that can be used on her willing participants body.

What is truly striking about this popular fantasy is men’s clear ability to take even the most mundane activity and make it into something sexually desirable. Women on the whole do not find cleaning a sexually stimulating activity and the last thing on the majority of their minds whilst hoovering the stairs or ironing their clothes is how turned on their other half may be as they imagine them getting on with the housework.

Whilst some men keep these types of fantasies firmly to themselves for fear they will be laughed at or rejected. Those brave enough to suggest such role play to their sexual partners are often met with a positive response. The reason that French maids outfits are still one of the sex industries firm favourites is because women and men love the impact that naughty role-play has on their bedroom antics. Aside from making sex even more fun, women of all shapes and sizes can rock fishnets and frilly knickers, and that leads to more empowered and confident sex play, and that is something to be celebrated, feather dusters and all.