There’s been a hilarious hashtag trending on Twitter today where people have been sharing what they think is better than sex in three words: #BetterThanSexIn3Words.

Sex on Female First

Sex on Female First

The results? Well, they seem to show there is something in particular we would all rather have… Food.

Stephen Fry shared how a certain 5 minute meal is more appealing…

And he wasn’t the only one who would prefer some fast food to an orgasm.

Cheesy garlic bread? Understandable.

If you read our piece on unpopular opinions, we bet this one would also split opinions...

It was bound to come up somewhere… chocolate!

Apparently there’s a lot of people who would rather go to Nandos.

But the McDonald’s double cheeseburger is also up there.

This person summarised it all quite nicely.

by Katie Haseldine