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Female First Sex Position of the Week: Resist Me

Female First Sex Position of the Week: Resist Me

Find a table or bed next to a wall depending on how tall your man is. Lay back on it and let your legs drop apart and make sure your butt is right on the edge. Get your man to stand between your legs and then rest your feet on the wall behind you. Then prop yourself up on your forearms so you can see all the action!

Female First Points:

You can just sit back and let him do all the work- all you need to worry about is holding your position steady!  

Male First points:

He is in control of thrusting and speed plus the resistance from your legs against the wall means he can go deeper inside you, while grabbing onto your thighs.


If you are really getting into it you can lie right back to free your hands for some clitoral action. Having your legs apart can reduce friction so try squeezing his member with your vaginal muscles to send him over the edge!

Images are courtesy of Carla Butler.