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Female First Sex Position of the Week: T-Boner

Female First Sex Position of the Week: T-Boner

Lie on your back with the bum at the edge of the bed, or if you are feeling more adventurous, the desk or table! Put a pillow underneath your bum to tilt your pelvis upwards. Put your legs in the air and put your hands under the pillow or on the edge of the bed to keep in position. Let your partner enter you while they are standing up or kneel if they are especially tall! Let him take your feet and hold you still so he can enter you deeper and harder each time!

Female First Points:  

By clenching your legs together you will close in more on his penis, so he feels bigger for you and you feel tighter around his manhood! Try to alternate parting and closing your legs as this will give him different sensations and make you feel tighter and tighter each time you do it!

If he has a steady hold of you by your feet, free one of your hands to finger your clitoris while he grinds hard against your bum!

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