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Female First Sex Position of the Week: Lap Dance

Female First Sex Position of the Week: Lap Dance

Get your man to kneel and sit back, straddle each side of his legs and lower yourself onto his penis just over the head. Put your hands on your thighs to keep yourself upright, while he grabs the backs of your thighs to support himself. Tickle the head of his penis for a while and then take more of him inside you until you are sat on his lap, snuggling the backs of your thighs and bottom right into him.

Female First Points:

Another move that has you in serious control of speed and depth. Tease him until he presses on your hips begging you to let him deeper inside you.

Male First Points:

If you have a mirror in the bedroom, why not do this position in front of it? That way he can have full view of your rear as well as your breasts as you ride up and down his shaft!

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