How To:

The Straddler

The Straddler

A great position for lazy lovers as it is the easiest seated way to have sex! Get him to lie on the floor or on the bed, resting on his arms behind him and get him to cross his legs. Climb on and straddle him, while kneeling and support yourself on his shoulders while you lower yourself down onto his penis. It is up to you to be in control of speed and thrusting with this position.

Female First Points:

This is the ultimate pose for you to take control, to take charge of the rhythm and take it up a notch or slow it down. Or even make circular motions so he will not know what your next move will be! Keep eye contact while you are on top, or let him take cheeky look at your bouncing breasts as you ride him! You also have access for a little testicle tickle is you fancy!

Tickle the end of his penis with the lower part of your vagina, which will make all of those sensitive nerve endings tingle and then thrust the entire penis inside you for a glorious orgasm!

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