Donald Trump is the most popular ‘safe word’ phrase that bondage fans use when they want to call a halt to sex, according to a new survey.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

The US President topped the poll of favourite celebrity safe words ahead Justin Bieber, Superman, Betty Boop and Tinkerbell.

Safe words have long been used by fans of BDSM (bondage and sadomasochism) as a signal to denote when kinky sex games should stop - and they tend to have no direct connection with a sexual situation.

They were introduced so that the submissive partner in games of domination can say ‘stop’ and ‘no’ as often as they want during a sex session - only using the ‘safe word’ when they really mean it.

The findings come from a new poll of 1,000 people the sex toy retailer Lovehoney for the launch of its Fifty Shades Freed: Official Pleasure Collection.

It found that Trump was the most popular celebrity safe word used by fans but all kinds of other unusual phrases also featured.

The most popular non-celebrity safe words were all colours - with red coming top, followed by pineapple, banana, orange and peach.

Foods are also used for safe words - banoffee was the most popular, followed by Marmite.

Harry Potter also also inspired new safe words with Dobby (after Dobby the house elf)  and Hufflepuff (after teacher Helga Hufflepuff) both featuring in the most popular phrases.

The survey has been released ahead of the Valentine’s launch of the new Fifty Shades Freed movie, starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

They play lovers Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele and she uses the safe word ‘red’ in the books for when she wants him to stop their sex games.

Lovehoney makes all the official Fifty Shades Freed sex toy and bondage merchandise in a collection developed with the book’s author E L James.

A Lovehoney spokesperson said: “Safe words have been used by bondage fans for years to ensure their sex games are completely safe and consensual and stop exactly at the right moment.

“Lots of couples will be thinking up fresh safe words over the next few weeks after enjoying the Fifty Shades Freed movie and trying out the new Freed products.

“It was fun finding out the most popular ones and it’s no surprise that Donald Trump’s name features.”

Top celebrity safe words

1 Donald Trump

2 Justin Bieber

3 Superman

4 Betty Boop

5 Tinkerbell

Top 10 non-celebrity safe words

1 Red

2 Pineapple

3 Banana

4 Orange

5 Peach

6 Apple

7 Vanilla

8 Yellow

9 Blue

10 Unicorn  

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