According to a new study Victoria Milan, being able to chat tot someone online is more important to affair seekers than looks, location or relationship preference. 

Stragers are thought to have less risk

Stragers are thought to have less risk

But when it comes to cheating, most have one unwritten rule. Over three quarters of men and woman said they would rather have an affair with a stranger than with someone they know. And their reason for this? They claim they feel no guilt if they aren't friendly with the person they're being unfaithful with. One quarter said the likelihood of being caught is far less with a stranger than a neighbour, work colleague or family friend.

A fifth feel more comfortable with someone they don't know because they can let their hair down whereas the last 18% say that sex with a stranger is simply more exciting.

Cheaters are more fearful when they're sleeping with someone they know- 42% think this greatly increases their chances of getting caught in the act by their spouse because there is an increased risk to it. Some cheaters want something that's just fun, easy and light and they feel sex with someone they're familiar with gives the affair a seriousness they are specifically trying to avoid.

There is always the worry that the other person might develop feelings too- which is not the intention of a hook up.

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said that cheaters will go to extremes to protect their privacy, while having the best possible time. "Cheaters prefer to get into bed with a stranger because there are no inhibitions, less expectations of commitment and very little risk of getting caught. Sleeping with someone you know is exciting and dangerous - but not worth the trouble if you get caught,"

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