Cranberries are a nutritious source of many vital vitamins and minerals needed for every day health, and now they are being linked to aiding with our sex lives.

Sex on Female First

Sex on Female First

Cranberries are better known for their anecdotal effect on urinary tract infections and cystitis, with it being said to prevent the bacteria from sticking to the bladder lining. This in turn can aid with keeping our bodies fresh for bedroom activity by preventing bacterial infections.

Cranberries are also known for being high in their anti-oxidant properties, including vitamins A and C. Vitamins A and C may aid with blood flow, which is important for erections to be achieved and sustained. The two vitamins do so by acting as antioxidants thus promoting the health of blood vessels. If high cholesterol is a reason for not being able to perform, these vitamins may be essential not only for the blood flow but for the lowering of cholesterol by preventing the build-up of free radicals. Cranberries are also naturally high in fibre, which is another reason why they would be beneficial for the reduction in cholesterol.

Vitamin C is also needed for the production of healthy sperm, which is vital for those looking to conceive. Antioxidants such as vitamins A and C protect the sperm and egg from free radical damage, keeping them healthy and helping to enhance fertility.

Vitamin B is also found in cranberries; they are a group of vitamins needed to aid with the regulation of hormones in the body. B6 in particular is good for reducing stress and boosting libido which could be a factor to improving sexual desire. B6 also works to balance levels of female hormones, which can help with sexual function in women.

There is some research to suggest the properties of cranberry is good to aid with avoiding bad breath and plaque, which is definitely a good thing when looking to get intimate with your partner!

Written by a Holland and Barrett Nutritionist.