The arrival of parents and in-laws at Christmas can have quite the impact on the nation’s sex lives, with new research revealing that a quarter of us will fake tiredness to sneak off with our partners!

Sex on Female First

Sex on Female First

Annabelle Knight, ONE Condoms sexpert and star of Big Brother’s Bit on the Side talks us through some top tips for surviving the seasonal dry spell.

Square with the fact that your sex life may take a hit. Accepting that sometimes life gets in the way of a bountiful sex life will make dealing with your festive dry spell a lot easier. Remember it’s a dry spell for both of you so don’t take out your frustrations on one another.

Plan ahead. For some couples scheduled sex is the best sex but for others it can take away from the passion and spontaneity, but when it comes to getting your jollies this holiday season a little scheduling could go a long way. Inventing reasons for alone time may also help, new research from ONE Condoms reveals almost ¼ of couples will insist they need an early night this Christmas so they can have sex – genius!

Keep it quiet. Sex in a different bed, or with a house full can be challenging so put some thought into how you’re going to do it. Sex on the floor can be near silent and positions like missionary or spooning can help to keep things quieter and proved the most popular quiet positions in ONE’s poll of 2000 people.

Invest in a gag. Try mixing tings up Fifty Shades style with a mouth gag, this will guarantee your sex sessions stay on the down-low. Shopping for a gag together may serve to heighten expectations and build up anticipation, which can only have a positive impact on your sex.

Give the gift of sex! Sex toys make great presents and mean you’re guaranteed great sex. Discreet toys such as my Wowee mini vibrator, small in size but packs a discreet punch and perfect packaging makes this toy a fabulous gift, it’s also petite enough to slip between partners during sex. Or you could opt for a Nubby love ring for near silent simultaneous stimulation. Check out Lovehoney’s website for more details

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