According to, September is the month when affairs sky rocket.

What's your partner doing when they're home alone?

What's your partner doing when they're home alone?

Their stats have seen a 10% boost year on year in the first 10 days of September with a whopping 2,500 people joining with the intention of having an extra marital affair.

"It's down to education," explains the site's spokesperson, Christian Grant.

"To be more specific, it's down to children, teens and young adults returning or making their first foray into schools, colleges and universities.

After a busy summer period, a lot of parents might be initially grateful of a house devoid of people, especially if it's young kids or unruly teenagers.

However, an empty house is conducive to an affair. There's the obvious reason: you've got an empty space and several hours to meet up with whomever you please, but there's more to it than that.

Periods of isolation allow for contemplation and self-reflection, and it's in these periods of thought, without any distractions, that husbands and wives begin to truly come to terms with the flaws in their marriages."

There are more women than men who've joined this month so far, with women making up 75% of the registrations.

Grant explains:

"We've always had a majority of female registrations in previous Septembers, and this hasn't changed. While there are far too many variables at play to pinpoint a specific reason for this, it's impossible to ignore the fact that the overwhelming majority of parents who stay at home are women.

While this number is decreasing every year, a report from the Office for National Statistics in 2015 stated that 2.01 million of 2.26 million of those unemployed because they are at home and/or taking care of their family are women.

In other words, the lonely person in the empty house is far, far more likely to be a woman."

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