* Four in ten cheats (41%) say they have MORE sex with their spouses because the excitement of the affair heightens their sex drive;

* 74% of adulterers said the sex was better with their lover than their spouse;

Two-thirds of people having affairs carry on having sex with their regular partners, according to a new survey.

Four in ten cheats (41%) say they make love to their spouses more often because the excitement of the affairs heightens their sex drive.

A third (33%) were keen to maintain the regular sexual routine at home so as not to raise suspicion.

Only a fifth of adulterers (22%) tell their lovers that they are continuing to have sex at home.

The results are revealed in a new survey of 1,000 adulterers by IllicitEncounters.com, Britain’s leading dating site for married people.

It found that 64% of adulterers kept up the same sexual routine with their partners at home.

A fifth (21%) had less sex with their spouses because of the affair, but only 15% abstained from sex at home altogether.

Of those 15%, most had stopped having sex with their spouses even before the affair had started.

Women are more likely than men to maintain sexual relations with their spouse to cover up their cheating.

Seven out of ten women (69%) continue to have sex with their husbands while cheating. Slightly fewer men (63%) still make love to their wives while also sleeping with their lover.  

Three-quarters of respondents (74%) said that sex with their lover was better than with their regular partner.

And two-thirds (62%) said they tried more adventurous sex with their lovers when they went to bed.

IllicitEncounters.com spokesman Christian Grant said: “What this new research shows is that people start having affairs to add some excitement to their lives.

“They are almost certainly still having sex with their spouses but it has become a little dull and routine.

“The excitement of the affairs makes them betters lovers - not just with the person they are cheating with but with their spouse at home.

“An affair can actually reinvigorate a marriage by making people reassess their behaviour and address long-standing issues with their partners.”

Every week, around 20,000 people in the UK are having affairs on IllicitEncounters.com.

More than one million people have registered with the site since it started in 2003 and the highest proportion of members are wealthy people in London and the Home Counties.

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