When looking for foods that boost your sex drive- cabbage is not an obvious choice given its gas inducing qualities. That said- Sauerkraut or fermented cabbage produces compounds called isothiocyanates, which prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Will you notice a difference with mroe cabbage in your diet?

Will you notice a difference with mroe cabbage in your diet?

Cabbage is also packed with fibre, calcium and minerals.

The most interesting findings from study in The Journal of agricultural and Food Chemistry is that 90% of men felt a significant libido boost after eating more sauerkraut.

Croatian nutritionist Dr Lejla Kazinic Kreho found out just how impactful sauerkraut can be in an investigation into the best natural Viagra at King's College London.

According to the Austrian Times she revealed: "The knowledge collected at King's College shows pickled cabbage is the best natural Viagra.

"It may be hard to believe that sauerkraut is one of most powerful aphrodisiacs, but the British data is conclusive."

She told the Croatian daily: "I can only suggest all men try it. Eat cabbage twice a day and observe how your sexual power increases."

Cabbage also contains six times the zinc content per calories consumed than a shank of beef. Zinc is just one of the supplements that's used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Many men opt for this instead of Viagra as a more natural choice. It works its magic by increasing the body's natural levels of testosterone.

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