New research by has found that we may be a nation of hypocrites when it comes to PDA. We don't mind having sex on show; however we find it difficult to watch other people's outrageous outdoor activities.

Even though they are reluctant to themselves

Even though they are reluctant to themselves

75% of couples willingly kiss their lover in the supermarket, on the train or the bus, however a third hate people doing the same.

One in ten couples admit that they have engaged in some alfresco foreplay- however seeing another woman dropping her knickers for her lover is apparently not ok.

Fewer than 10% of Brits have been judged by others while getting down and dirty- following this 6% then checked into a hotel room to continue their activities in private.

40% of Brits have been told to 'get a room' after onlookers thought their behaviour was not appropriate for public viewing. 29% have been told to stop- but 18% were actually cheered on. Cleary there is still a mixed bag of reactions to people showing their love for one another.

For those Brits who ware easily offended- try to avoid pubs and clubs around 8pm and 9pmn as this is when people start to get it on in front of others the most. also asked Brits to tell them their best PDA stories with classically British examples including: "I saw a couple having sex in the drinks aisle in Tesco"

"I was bitten by mosquitos while having sex on the beach"

"My husband started kissing me and I missed my bus stop."

Certain celebrities are disliked purely for their kinky keenness- Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were voted top, closely followed by Katie Price and all of her partners both past and present.

One in five couples bump uglies in the cinema and one in ten post private pictures while out on a date implying that couples keep little about their relationships to themselves in the digital age including their nakedness.

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