We’re nearing the end of July and entering August which, for most British couples, means more sex.

Brits Have More Sex in August

Brits Have More Sex in August

Lovehoney have found that August is the most popular month to get our hearts racing and get frisky beneath the sheets.

The majority of British couples said that they step up their sex in August and named it the month that they were most sexually active.

It’s thought that increase in sex comes from the hot weather making us feel more passionate.

This is down to everyone wearing fewer items of clothing as well as the sunshine making us feel happier and sexier.

July and June also ranked in second and third place as the months we’re most likely to have more sex.

Sadly, when the sun disappears, so does our sex drive, with the winter months seeing little to no sex in our relationships.

Surprisingly, February saw us having the least amount of sex, despite Valentine’s Day falling during that month.

The cold and dreary winter months, in general, didn’t inspire much sex but December seemed to be bucking the trend as many couples named it one of the months they were most likely to have sex.

This could be down to the festive season and the mounds of mistletoe hung around the home!

One of the main reasons that we may not feel as frisky in the winter months is due to a drop in serotonin and dopamine.

In the summer, these feel good hormones, as well as testosterone, increase, making us feel raunchier.

Tests have shown that men have a third more testosterone in their system in July than January, meaning they’re more likely to want sex.

Psychologist Professor Cary Cooper, of Lancaster University, said hot weather inspires a feel good factor which makes sex more likely, particularly for women.

Cooper said, “The effect is partly the opposite of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Summer probably has a greater effect on women because they can wear such a variety of clothes.

“They can use this to make them feel sexier and better about themselves. Women are better at interacting with others than men and they feel better when they do."

Lovehoney co-founder Richard Longhurst said, “The sun shining changes everyone's moods and, of course, means we are wearing far few clothes.

“It's much easier to flirt and have fun when the weather is warm – and that means are lot more of us are getting it on."

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