Remember, remember the 5 November? New research by Durex1 has revealed that fireworks should be flying in bedrooms across the UK this November, with 71% of people claiming they know exactly how to make their partner orgasm. The Welsh are the UK’s most confident lovers with almost 8 in 10 (78%) saying they know precisely what to do to give their partner the big-O.

Bonfire Night on Female First

Bonfire Night on Female First

However, it seems this nation-wide confidence may be misplaced as some women are still missing out on the big bang, with just under half (48%)2 admitting they’ve given up on trying to climax on multiple occasions, and 9% say they fake it at least once a week.

So what exactly is the nation doing to make sparks fly behind closed doors? The survey of over 2,000 people explores the fun and down-right strange sexual antics of the nation; revealing 23% of us consider our sex lives to be ‘playful’ – so we must be doing something right, right?

When it comes to reaching climax we’re definitely a noisy bunch; alongside the expected ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’, some people prefer barking when getting down and dirty. And that’s not all, some respondents even report that robot and monkey sound effects can be heard when fireworks are going off in the bedroom. 

And it seems explosive noises aren’t quite enough for some people, with a few respondents looking to have conversations while doing the deed. One person claimed that talking about politics got their partner excited, while another’s lover was more concerned about what had happened on an episode of a much-loved soap, asking them to talk about it mid-orgasm.

The research revealed that, as well as peculiar noises and conversations, we’re also a nation of unconventional costume lovers. While we mostly get our kicks dressing up as people in uniform - policemen, nurses, firemen - the research uncovered one respondent whose partner preferred pretending to be farmyard animals – chickens especially seemed to get them going!

Poultry isn’t the only unusual fetish figure making sparks fly, with other respondents claiming to have been asked to dress up as fairy tale characters or wear costumers inspired by a cult fantasy film series.

What’s more, the research also found that while dogs might need to stay indoors this Bonfire Night, we certainly don’t; many people can’t resist getting frisky at work or in the car. One lucky respondent even managed to have sex in an ice cream van - forget 99, it’s all about the 69!

Whether you’re bonking or barking; Durex sex and relationship expert Alix Fox has three sure-fire tips to make sure the spark with your partner doesn’t fizzle out this Fireworks Night:  

TRY THE ‘CLITORAL CATHERINE WHEEL: This move can be used during solo play, as well as with a partner. Slip a dab of the Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel, which provides waves of cooling, tingling or warming sensations, onto your index finger tip to make your touches feel smooth and comfortable, then begin by stroking around the clitoris using v-e-r-y slow, tiny, delicate clockwise circles. After a few minutes of consistent, steady strokes, keep the wheel turning, but mix things up by speeding up gradually before slowing down again; changing direction; adding an extra fingertip; varying the amount of pressure; or lightly tapping rather than stroking.

GO FOR A WOOLLY WANDER: When the weather’s dank, damp and dark, it can be tempting to stay inside and hibernate for the winter, but try whacking on your wellies, wrapping up in cosy clothes, and going for a squelchy stomp in the nearest forests or fields with your lover. The fresh air, scents of leaves and earth, and sounds of rain tap-tapping on your brolly can be relaxing and invigorating, and a simple stroll in a quiet, open area away from the busy bustle of the everyday can be a great opportunity to reconnect.

A secluded spot amid the trees is the perfect place for a deep, exciting kiss too; take along a flask of hot spiced apple juice, peppermint tea or tipsy toddy to warm and flavour your mouths. Jump in a foamy, steamy shower or bubble bath together when you get back.

PLAY LIKE CAVEMEN (OR WOMEN): The Durex survey showed that a lot of Brits really rate role play, love to be loud when doing the do, and appreciate an element of freeing, stress-busting silliness during sex – so this game combines all three things. Agree with your partner that you’re going to get primal when you next get passionate: no words are allowed (other than an agreed safe word, which stops the action immediately if uttered by either person), only expressive cries, sighs, groans and moans. Wrestling, running around and play fighting to see who will end up being dominant is all encouraged while you roar and get raw, going back to your caveman roots. If you can manage to truly let go, this can be a huge laugh - but also a massive turn on.

Shake off your sensible side, stop standing on ceremony, and get stuck in!

People across the UK are being challenged to join the fight against orgasm inequality by visiting and sharing their support on social media using the hashtag #OrgasmsForAll.