Eve Fifer, Ann Summers’ in-house sexpert and Head of Sex Toys, comments on Period sex – the division in opinion is almost as great as the parting of the red seas; some love it and others loathe it. For the squeamish amongst us, period sex is a no-go. For the rest of us, period sex should be 100% game on…

Sex on Female First

Sex on Female First

So lay out a towel and listen up, we’re about to tell you why period sex is totally great.

Less Halloween, more hottie

Having sex on your period can conjure up thoughts of the zombie apocalypse; you’re both writhing around, covered top to toe in blood, when in actual fact it is never, ever that bad. Having sex towards the start or end of your period is a pretty guaranteed way to keep mess to a minimum.

If the clean-up is your main concern, do the deed in the shower. Slippery, sexy and entirely practical. We’re sold.

I’m horny… horny, horny, horny.

We’re bloated, hormonal and not entirely feeling ourselves, yet we all seem come over with an undeniable urge to hump everything and anything in sight during that 3-5 day window. No shame – we’re horny. And to be fair, no one really knows why! So why not go with the flow?

The more you want it, the better it’s going to be!

Sensitive Sally

So not only are you sexually frustrated to the max and ready to climb the nearest male like a tree, you’re actually more sensitive during your period. The rush of hormones means that you’re way more sensitive to touch and therefore far more likely to achieve orgasm in record time.

Slip ‘n slide

Lube is great but during your period you can ditch the tube and rely on your own body. We’re totally in support, because the wetter the better, so surf that crimson wave.

Hallelujah for Orgasms

Headache? Cramps? These can both be solved by achieving orgasm! Next time you’re popping a paracetamol, consider giving in to temptation and bonking away your period blues. Orgasms are a top pain reliever as they release hormones like serotonin and oxytocin, so drop the excuses and put a spring back in your step.

It creates greater intimacy

Having sex on your period requires a great deal of communication and trust between the two of you. It shows you’re truly comfortable with someone, and creates a deep and intimate connection. And we all know more intimacy = better sex.

You’ll move out of your comfort zone

Sex is all about exploring and finding new things you enjoy. If you’re a missionary gal who only prefers to do it in bed, dabbling with period sex might change that. It could open up a whole new world of positions and locations for you.

It can help shorten your period

Science time, ladies. Orgasms and pleasure cause your uterus to contract, and each contraction helps expel the uterine lining and blood faster than it naturally would alone. It also helps flush out the compounds that cause those nasty cramps. Win-win.

Because everyone is doing it…

Period sex comes with a bizarre stigma at times, however, if you broach the subject with your girlfriends, we can promise you that they’ve been getting it on during period week. 70% of women AND men would recommend sex during a period so get ready to join the club. 86% of women have had sex during their period with 55% of men initiating the deed during their partners time of the month.

You’ll feel sexier

Let’s face it: we don’t always feel hot when our period rolls around. But when all you want to do is eat chocolate and binge-watch TV shows, what’s the best way to remind yourself just how sexy you are? Having sex, that’s right.

Don’t put a limit on your pleasure. Get the D whenever you fancy. Period.