It appears that everyone hits rock bottom in September whether in a relationship or not and sex could be the answer to all of the problems associated with the closing of the year.

.....Just not with each other ....

.....Just not with each other .... has found that parents who no longer have to devote so much time to their children are now hopping into bed with 10,000 married women signing up at the beginning of September for extra marital affairs.

With no more holidays on the horizon, the kids back at school, darker nights, Christmas looming and the work blues all rolled into one- people are looking for something to boost their mood. It seems that sex is the key to extending those summer vibes. With the kids safely at school and the house all empty and quiet, it can be a time to reflect on your own life and what’s missing. One in 5 couples consider divorce after the summer holidays are over so they are looking for an alternative to avoid all that paperwork and heartbreak.

Spokesperson for, Mike Taylor said: “The holidays can be an intense time and bring problems, that were hidden, to the forefront of couples’ minds. So rather than divorcing which can be a costly and traumatic experience with minimal gain they take the opportunity to join Illicit Encounters and look for a new partner who is in the same situation. Many of the new members often say they feel trapped in marriages that are romantically over, but they choose to stay together for one reason or another - particularly if there is a family unit at stake.”

Divorce is a costly business, with potentially thousands of pounds to find in order to make it happen and house prices on the rise- many couples are seeking extra martial affairs to keep their sex life exciting while still enjoying all the other benefits of being married like financial security and maintaining a family unit.

The back to work blues also has an impact on office relationships-with more people entering into these in the month of September to make the minutes tick by that little bit faster.