Many women still put actors on a pedestal for their potential sexual prowess- but the reality is that they make sex look far better on screen than they do in real life according to

Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan

Mike Taylor spokesperson for commented: “They might be stars of the stage and screen but thespians are clearly not delivering their best lines to the ladies in the bedroom. Whilst sleeping with an actor may come with understandable bragging rights, it may not be the best night of your life and you may be better off going home with the guy selling popcorn.

A close friend of mine recently spent the night with an A-list Hollywood name, and unfortunately he fell a little short and failed to make her see stars in the eyes shall we say. Maybe they simply like to save their awarding winning performances for the camera?”

Surprisingly, actors are bundled with a number of other professions that don’t fulfil expectations in the bedroom such as footballers and bartenders. We assume that these famous stars have the whole package, however that is often not the case- maybe outside of the bedroom that is the impression they give, but between the sheets women are sadly disappointed as the dream fades and the reality kicks in. revealed a list of actors that women would most like to have an affair with;

Jamie Dornan

Gary Barlow 

Simon Cowell

David Beckham

Benedict Cumberbatch

Tom Hiddleston

Michael Fassbender

Bradley Cooper

George Clooney

Brad Pitt

Ryan Gosling

Gerard Butler

35% of couples would not object to their partner having an affair or a one night stand with a famous person and 17% have made a list of celebrities that they have mutually agreed to sleep with if they had the chance.  

One respondent said: “My wife is crazy about Benedict Cumberbatch and she’s made it plain that if she ever got the opportunity she would have a Cumberfling.  

“As long as she’s honest then I’m totally happy about it. Especially as it means I have her permission to bed Kelly Brook if she ever calls.”  

A female respondent said: “I’ve been in love with Gary Barlow since I was 16 and my husband knows that if I ever got the chance to meet him at his hotel I’d be there like a shot.

“My husband is totally ok with that and it was one of the conditions I placed on the relationship in the very earliest days that we knew each other. Strangely though we’ve been together for 25 years and Gary still hasn’t called.”

A spokesman for said: “Many married couples take a flexible and pragmatic approach to fidelity. While an affair with their spouse’s best friend or a work colleague may be taboo they would happily allow a fling with a famous actor or musician.  

“For many fidelity is really about opportunity. If the man or woman of your dreams came along then even the most committed of relationships can be tested.

“Many marriages can withstand flings and a sizable minority of those we talked to actually thought an affair could make their marriage stronger.”