It’s very easy for couples to get stuck in sex rut - same time, same place, same position, week in, week out. Sex is like everything else - it becomes routine if don’t mix it up. You don’t eat the same meal every night for very obvious reasons, yet too many couples rarely change their sexual routine and wonder why their levels of satisfaction are declining. Here, Lovehoney sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight provides 8 ways you can avoid having vanilla sex.

Annabelle Knight

Annabelle Knight

Try new positions - It is a simple but obvious way of shaking up your sexual routine. Make sure you try at least one new sexual position every week or few weeks. This will get you both thinking about experimenting sexually and hopefully looking at new locations to enjoy sex outside the bedroom.

Set your alarm 30 minutes early for morning sex - It’s probably the last thing you are thinking about when you wake up bleary-eyed dreading another day at work. But engaging in a bit of loving action first thing in the morning will leave you both with with lasting benefits throughout the day.

Live out your fantasies - Each write down your top ten favourite sex fantasies and put them in a jar on folded-up pieces of paper. Each week, remove one of the bits of paper and recreate the fantasy for real.

Experiment with soft bondage - Couples can be intimidated by BDSM, but it doesn’t have to involve setting up your own sex dungeon with riding crops and floggers. There are simpler ways to enjoy kink in a gentler fashion. Using a blindfold is a fantastic way of heightening the senses, and soft restraints are a great way to introduce submission to your sex play.  

Get dressed up - 40% of couples have experimented with dressing-up role play, according to a survey from Lovehoney. Its most popular sexy costume is that perennial favourite, the sexy maid’s outfit, but there are also sorts of scenarios you can both embrace.

Experiment with sex toys - 90% of couples who introduce sex toys into their regular routine say their levels of sexual happiness improve, and couples with good sex lives tend to have higher overall levels of happiness. Start out with a simple bullet vibrator, which you can often pick up for less than a tenner. The most popular couples’ toy is a love ring or a vibrating love ring - they could help to keep him harder for longer during lovemaking, and stimulate her by rubbing against the clitoris.

Be strangers - book a room at a local hotel. Then call your partner and tell them to pack a bag and meet you at the hotel bar. Give each other fake names and pretend you're meeting for the first time, before you head up to the room. If this doesn’t work for you, create another scenario that does! 

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