Frolic Me was my creative concept that took some years in the making to get it where it is today, but I love the fact that my days are spent wholly developing and driving the site, publishing weekly updates of erotic films, stories, galleries and magazine articles. 

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I set about wanting to create an erotic brand that women could trust and feel comfortable with, one that holds strong moral values but does not lose sight of the fact that we too like to add some arousing adult fun and fantasy into our lives. Just the response to erotic writings such as Fifty Shades of Grey was testament to the fact that women are just as much sexual creatures as men but there was little to offer them in terms of fantasies and their own female pleasure. Therefore with my erotic films I wanted to ensure the passionate focus was on the women's pleasure as central, together with use of elegant imagery, beautiful locations and passionate chemistry to offer a heady concoction of arousing, stimulating and visually erotic sex. Sex is after all a huge part of our lives that we should enjoy, certainly not feel guilty about but seek ways to enhance the pleasure and enjoyment both alone and with our partners through imagery of high quality HD films, beautiful photographic galleries, written erotic stories and sex related articles within the online Magazine. I am continuing to add and extend the wealth within my emporium of erotica.

My typical day is incredibly varied. It can be both office based then on location for production and filming. It is as much working on all aspects of the business as opposed to just watching erotica! When office based I am at my Mac most of the time, working on anything from the development and management of the site, through to dialogue with subscribers. I have my email clearly available so anyone can email me directly with any questions they have. It keeps me in touch with their fantasies which I then try and incorporate where I can, and their immensely supportive comments which are so lovely to read. I even have a Confessions feature within the Magazine ( for members to submit their stories and fantasies.

I also have all the liaising with my ever-growing numbers of contributing erotic authors, discussing the latest erotic films and stories with them and engaging with their latest activities. There is also huge wealth of social media that all needs to be kept updated, as well other marketing and promotional opportunities with companies constantly contacting me to discuss joint promotions through to PR opportunities and meeting and chatting with journalists such as I am now.

The other side of my daily life is the creative aspect of the erotic films themselves and all the production of planning the shoots which is all handled in house so only we create the Frolic Me style of films. No two films are ever the same and that is due to the planning taken before the shoots begin. From the locations, concepts, creative moods and look, style and fantasy and following through with the model selection, wardrobe etc. Our locations are always in beautiful surroundings within Europe so those days are a mix of travel, filming and having fun on set with the models. The days are very long and pretty tiring but I love the camaraderie and fun we have in between the takes, we all get on so well and enjoy sitting down taking a breather and enjoying some lunch or supper together. I really do enjoy it all, and have found it a very exciting and fast moving business to be in, so I have no intention of leaving it any time soon. I have to say I am one of those people who can say I really love my job.

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