48% of women in the UK own a vibrator, to put that in perspective, this is more than the percentage of people who own a dog (45%). Nowadays, with less taboo around the subject of sex toys, we are more open than ever when talking about what we get up to in the bedroom. Toys are a great way to add a different dynamic to your sex life and when used in a safe environment, they can be fun for you and your partner. Sex expert and adult store owner, Tami Rose, shares her beginners guide to the different sex toys on the market.

Toys are a great way to add a different dynamic to your sex life

Toys are a great way to add a different dynamic to your sex life


The vibrator is perhaps the most well-known sex toy thanks to a certain episode of Sex and the City. They make the perfect beginners toy due to the range of sizes and shapes, with a bullet style being a good introduction to the range. You could also try a couples cock ring to benefit both you and your partner at once.

BEST FOR: Solo sex, beginners or those looking to spice things up in the bedroom.

TAMI RECOMMENDS: Velvet Touch Vibrator and Wireless Rockin’ rabbit vibrating ring.


Designed to emulate the size and shape of a penis, dildos are ordinarily for solo use. The best thing is, they can be as realistic as you want them to be! Tami’s online store offers a range of silicone dildos as well as those made of glass which can be used for experimenting with temperature. Stay away from silicone lubricants as they can ruin silicone toys, so try a water-based lube instead as they can be used with the majority of toys and are condom-patible too.

BEST FOR: Solo sex

TAMI RECOMMENDS: Lolicock 6 inches slim stick dildo and Chrystalino Treasure blue glass wand.

Anal toys

Anal play can be an intimidating thought for some, but with the right preparation and toys it can be a great way to spice up your sex life and is good for incorporating your partner. It is worth remembering that lubricant is important for this type of toy, and buying anal-specific lube is recommended.

BEST FOR: Partner play, the more experienced

TAMI RECOMMENDS: Hard Candy Beginners butt plug and My First Anal Slim vibe


Made famous by the handsome, if not troubled, Christian Grey in the popular Fifty Shades series, bondage became an (almost) mainstream way of upping the ante in the bedroom. When experienced with a trusted partner it can be an exciting way to try something new!

BEST FOR: Partner play, the more experienced or those looking to spice things up in the bedroom

TAMI RECOMMENDS: Beginners furry handcuffs and Fifty Shade of Grey Tease feather tickler.

Dress up

Although not a fake penis or vibrating contraption, dressing up is still a type of sex toy in a way! Dressing up can be a great way to surprise your partner and engage in role play.

BEST FOR: Partner play, beginners

TAMI RECOMMENDS: Sexy French Maid dress and Head Nurse dress.

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