It’s any man’s worst nightmare, he’s thinking of getting down to the naughty business all the while she is thinking about a nice big bar of chocolate.

Sex on Female First

Sex on Female First

That nightmare has now become reality as new research from Cancer Research UK shows that women would rather give up sex than chocolate.

However, men feel very differently. When asked which would be the hardest thing to forego for one month 22 per cent of men said it would be sex, compared to only 9 per cent of women.

Women said that giving up chocolate would be a lot harder with 22 per cent saying it would be last thing they would give up.

When it came to sex, 59 per cent of people asked thought that women would be a lot better at abstaining than men, with only 5 per cent of people thinking they could abstain.

This is probably because women are believed to have higher willpower than men once they set their minds to a challenge.

Over half of the UK agreed that our willpower is tested the most a Christmas as it is when we are at our weakest.

The survey also showed that the nation believes women are more committed to relationships and are also more likely to stick to a diet than men.

Robert West, professor of health psychology at the Cancer Research UK Health Behaviour Research Centre said, “When you take exposure to temptation and strength of desire out of the equation you are left with this thing called 'willpower': the force that our plans have in controlling our actions.

“Individuals with more willpower are probably more likely to achieve their objectives, whatever these might be.

“Some believe that willpower is like a muscle - it can get tired but it can also be strengthened with training.

“The idea is that getting people to practice doing something that requires self-control builds a general ability to do this.

“There are also studies showing that when people make their personal rules very clear with well-defined boundaries, they are more likely to stick to them.”