If you’ve ever spent any more than 2 minutes on Tinder, you’ll know the world isn’t short of modern Shakespeares, sending ‘wanna f***?’ to anyone who takes their fancy. Such a way with words isn’t likely to turn anyone on; quite the opposite. However, this doesn’t mean sexting is a dying art, in fact 58% of people have participated in sending a suggestive picture or video. Sexpert Tami Rose shares her top tips for successful sexting and tells us it’s the best form of foreplay.

Learn How To Sext Like A Pro

Learn How To Sext Like A Pro

It’s exciting!

The thrill that comes with receiving a flirty message on your lunch break can do wonders for your sex life. Dating can be hard work at times, relationships even more so! Keep it exciting by sending them a naughty message to let them know exactly what will be happening later and watch the sparks fly when you get home!

It can bring back the spark

Sexting can be great for bringing back those feelings from the initial stages of a relationship- remember when you first started dating and couldn’t help but want to rip their clothes off at any opportunity. That might have changed a little if you’ve been together a while, as you naturally settle down and become more comfortable in your relationship. However, if you feel like you and your partner are drifting apart or struggling to make time for each other, then the exchange of some explicit messages can bring back the spark and ensure fireworks after your next date night.

Helps improve body confidence

It’s funny how a sexy snap that’s met with a reply of the flame emoji can do wonders for your confidence! If you’re comfortable with it, take your partner by surprise and send them one out of the blue leaving them wanting more. But there’s always the risk that the person receiving your sultry photo or saucy text can share it with others, so this is to be exercised with caution to avoid it falling into the wrong hands.

You can find out exactly what your partner wants

Sex can be an awkward thing, even if you have been together years. With age and the length of the relationship so many factors can change, as a result some people find it harder to communicate with their partner about what they want from them in bed. Sexting can be a gateway for more open conversations about what you both enjoy or you are less keen on. It’s also a great chance to practice talking dirty- something that can strike fear in many! Start off with something lowkey to gauge the thoughts of your partner and if it is met with enthusiasm this will give you the confidence to try it out in the bedroom!

It’s great for long distance relationships

Long distance relationships can feel lonely sometimes- sending a suggestive message or picture will remind your partner of what they’re missing out on! It helps build suspense especially if you’re not together all the time and keep the spark alive.

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