With the Christmas work party season in full swing, new research from Hotels.com has shown that over one in ten male office workers (11 per cent) has booked a hotel in anticipation of hooking up with a colleague, compared to just 5 per cent of females.

Men Book Hotel Rooms in Hope of Pulling a Colleague

Men Book Hotel Rooms in Hope of Pulling a Colleague

The research also revealed 61 per cent of UK office workers have a crush on a co-worker and, when questioned if they’d act on this at a Christmas party scenario, over a quarter answered in the affirmative, saying alcohol would give them the confidence to do so, while a small but ambitious 1 per cent said that they would to get a promotion at work.

Of those who wouldn’t make a move, 42 per cent claimed that the potential embarrassment or rumours afterwards put them off and 17 per cent were scared of the rejection. A further 13 per cent would do, but didn’t want the walk of shame home after!

Hotels.com is rewarding those workers attending a late Christmas work parties during 17th - 21st December who may not have been so organised by releasing a 10 per cent off discount code for hotel rooms. 

The code, available exclusively via the Hotels.com mobile app, is perfect for those looking to escape the do and get frisky with a colleague! Party goers just need to enter the code MOBPARTY on booking to receive the discount and can search for a hotel nearby with the easy-to-use app.

The survey also asked where the strangest place they’ve stayed after a work night out was and the responses included the broom cupboard at the nightclub, a phone box, their secretary’s sofa and even a building site.

The strangest places that UK office workers have slept following an office party:

A colleague’s house (12% of men, 9% of women)

A friend’s sofa (10% of men, 9% of women)

At the party itself (7% of men, 2% of women)

The office (4% of men, 3% of women)

Outside (3% of men, 1% of women)

At a train / bus station (3% of men, 1% of women)

Kate Hopcraft from Hotels.com said, “It’s no secret that office parties provide the setting for many clandestine kisses under the mistletoe; our office party discount on the Hotels.com mobile app aims to give people the added incentive to book a hotel room and avoid the walk of shame!”

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