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My husband and I engage in the lifestyle together

My husband and I engage in the lifestyle together

I’m excited to write to all those amazing women out there in the world, I cannot wait to share with you that I’m taking the word “Slut” back. Yes, it’s time to own our sexuality and express ourselves, we’ve come so far in politics, careers, as mothers, as empowered women and yet the word ‘slut’ still gets a visceral response.

Here’s why I’m taking it back, I am a Swinger, I engage in sexual activities with people other than my husband. Swinger, similar to the word slut would also be (right now) creating an emotion in you. I’m here to explain why I feel more empowered as a women in the Swinging Lifestyle than ever and (hopefully) to have you walking away afterwards with a little more curiosity about sexual exploration (and no I’m not trying to convince you that non-monogamy is for everyone).

Here are 5 misconceptions about Swinging and the truth from my perspective:-

People who swing are cheaters

Far from the truth, my husband and I are in an ethically non-monogamous relationship, we had “The Talk” 4 years ago after being together for 5 years in a monogamous relationship. We were open and honest about exploring everything life has to offer, we have never (and will never) cheat on each other.

Only men want to swing as they are predatory

Out of the lifestyle couples we met I would say that 50% of the females bought up non-monogamy with their partner, these females were courageous and allowed themselves the peace to think about what they want sexually out of life. Yes women like sex too!

You may as well be single

My husband and I engage in the lifestyle together, we date together and meet other couples and singles together. This is an addition to our lives together, we travel to Swinging Clothing Optional Resorts, and we go to Swinger Clubs and Hotel takeovers together.

It’s full of gross old men

Gone are the 1970’s Swinger fishbowl parties! There is a new age of Swingers now exploring all that non-monogamy has to offer and people are choosing to engage in ways that suits their personal wants (there is no one size fits all here). We meet couples in their 20’s through to 60’s and all are intelligent, well-travelled, interesting and sexy, you choose who you want to engage with and consent is key!

Something must be inherently wrong with our relationship

We are stronger than ever, we communicate better (Yes my ass looks fat in those jeans, yes you should do the goddam dishes once in a while!) we barely fight and why would we when we are strong enough to have “The Talk” in the first place, nothing is taboo in our relationship.

I own my sexuality every day, I masturbate, I look at (and admire) men and women for who they are and the sexual beings that they are, I allow myself the freedom every day to get what I want out of my life and there is no shame in that.

If living my authentic life makes me a slut than yes, I’m a proud slut who will not waste a minute more on what society (in the 1900’s) thinks women need to be.

Yours in a shameless life,


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