In the words of Forrest Gump- you and your significant other are like 'peas and carrots', you go together, you just fit, you are meant to be. We take a look at ten things you'll recognize if you and your partner are soulmates.

You want things at the same time

You want things at the same time

You finish each other's sentences- They start to say something and you know exactly where they're going with it so you overlap what they say at the end. It's like one mind.

You know what they're thinking with one look- You can be at a party at opposite ends of the room but you both know the 'I want to go now' look because you often make it at the same time.

You know when your partner is lying- And vice versa; you recognize the tone of their voice and it doesn't match with their facial expression when they say 'I'm fine'. It's time for a cuddle or some conversation.

You can predict their behavior- If you go out with your mates- it's a night in with an X-Box game and a pizza for your loved one. They know that when it's their turn with their friends- you'll be in your pjs watching an episode of your favorite sitcom when they get home.

You know each other's routines- It's like clockwork- they know they have another 30 minutes snoozing time after you kiss them goodbye for work. You know that they need at least an hour to unwind before asking them about their day.

You want things at the same time- Sex, food, naps, sleep, massages, rest, TV, back scratches, drinks and the like. It's almost like you're one person.

You know when you need a break from one another- You can sense when the time is right to go off and do your own thing. Even if it's in separate rooms of the house, you just know that some space will do you both the power of good.

You know when to probe for information and when to cuddle- When your partner is upset, you're clued up when it comes to what to do. Sometimes they need a little nudge to let it all out- other times they just need a hug but it's pretty evident to you now which is required and when.

You would rather spend time with one another than anyone else- You love seeing your folks and your friends but you can't help but miss your 'person' when you're with other people. You're both most at home when it's just the two of you.

You can't wait to see each other- You find yourself rushing out the door from work and getting that easy feeling when you walk through the door at home. When you see their face at the end of the day- everything makes sense.

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